Central and Eastern European Sustainable Energy Union

Capacity building at the local level is key in order to develop Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. This is exactly where the CEESEU project comes into play. The project helps to build the capacity of public administrations in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries to promote increased energy efficiency, sustainable energy, reduced carbon emissions and improved climate change adaptability.

Bringing together 11 partners from 10 CEE countries, CEESEU will develop training materials and tools for public administrators in the CEE countries. It will also engage stakeholders and guide CEE municipalities and other actors to implement the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP).

Within the project, Climate Alliance is leading the evaluation of development and implementation of SECAPs (including the development of an open-friendly tool for SECAPs evaluation) and supporting the training activities for CEE local and regional authorities on SECAP process.

The CEESEU project continues the work of the CEESEN project (Central Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network), which has already been supporting municipalities from CEE countries to adapt their region to climate change and implement climate-friendly measures since 2016.

Project funding period: November 2020 – October 2023
via Horizon 2020 (European Union)

Want to learn more? Contact Miguel Morcillo at m.morcillo(at)climatealliance.org or Andrea Carosi at a.carosi(at)climatealliance.org.


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