A good life is simple

All the screen and monitors, the running motors, the assembly lines churning out brand new, cheap stuff – we need to dial back. Many of the things that are supposed to improve our lives only seem to make them more complex. There are countries that do without this extra stuff – we often call them underdeveloped, but wouldn’t that make us overdeveloped? The truth is, all any of us really wants is a good life. This may mean rethinking our habits. Jumping on our bikes, for example, rather than sitting in a traffic jam. It’s better for us and better for the climate….

The focus of this campaign is on Europe’s (over)development as well as our role and responsibility in fighting climate change, inequality and dependency. The “ A good life is simple” campaign showcases positive examples of how such simplification can lead to more sustainable and more fulfilled lives. A progressive approach urges people to integrate climate action into their lives and become active in the field of mobility, nutrition, consumption and energy. Municipalities interested in taking part receive free PR material for their own use.

The materials are available in Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Luxembourgian, Hungarian, Croatian, English, German, Italian, French and Dutch.

Want to learn more? Contact climatejustice(at)climatealliance.org 

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