Change the Future

Why wait when you can actively help shape your city?

Explore your local area, support the energy transition or just switch off the standby mode... there are different ways how to get engaged!  The "Change the Future" tool offers municipalities, groups and individuals ways to get involved in creating a good life for all.

With the “Change the Future” tool, we give people the opportunity to help instigate major changes by completing little activities. We do not want to stop at individual commitment, though, but rather highlight opportunities to work together for a good life for all and to get involved.

Municipalities have the opportunity to enter into a friendly competition – with their partner city or a neighbouring municipality, for example. Who can encourage the most citizens to use the tool? And who can even get their local parliament to commit for the next few weeks?

Within municipalities, groups can then come together in a very colourful mix – with colleagues, fellow students or friends. Individuals can also join existing groups, create their own group or participate exclusively as individuals.

Interested municipality? Read our guide!