Overdeveloped: The Future We Want

Local authorities for sustainable development

Overdeveloped: The Future We Want project was kicked off in the framework of the European Year for Development 2015 (EYD2015) and serves to heighten citizens' awareness of development issues as well as promote active engagement with major development debates. The project gives citizens and politicians a deeper understanding of global interdependencies by calling into question European overconsumption of natural resources and showing the way toward more responsible and globally fair consumption habits. Via the project, a Europe-wide awareness raising campaign entitled “A good life is simple” is being rolled out, showcasing positive examples to follow in daily life.

Three special visits also bring indigenous ‘counsellors’ to Europe, making use of their wisdom to evaluate pressing European challenges. The campaign offers PR materials as well as background information around the question, “How do you want to live in the future?” Climate Alliance members are encouraged to get involved in this Europe-wide campaign and join the 16 project partners from 10 European countries in provoking their residents to think about sustainable lifestyles.

Project funding period for pilot phase:
December 2014 – December 2017
via EuropeAid

Want to learn more? Contact climatejustice(at)climatealliance.org

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