Deep retrofits made faster, cheaper and more reliable

Our building stock is generally inefficient. The energy that our buildings waste makes them both key contributors to climate change and amplifiers of energy poverty. Deep retrofitting to tackle this waste and improve building performance is thus rightly at the heart of building-related policies at all governmental levels. Yet while one-stop-shop and “energiesprong” approaches have helped standardise retrofitting methods or make them otherwise more accessible, the delivery of consistently high quality deep retrofits remains a challenge.

The outPHit project now pairs such approaches with the rigour of Passive House principles to make deep retrofits cost-effective, faster and more reliable. On the basis of case studies across Europe and in collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders, outPHit is addressing barriers to the uptake of high quality deep retrofits while facilitating the development of high performance renovation systems, tools for decision making and quality assurance safeguards. The projects intends to carry out promotion and involvement activities to raise awareness and understanding for such concepts among the relevant target group – municipalities, financing institutions and the building supply chain.

Climate Alliance is part of the European project consortium and is responsible for parts of the stakeholder involvement as well as communication and dissemination activities.

Project funding period: September 2020 – August 2024
via Horizon2020 (EU)

Want to learn more? Contact Sarah Mekjian at s.mekjian(at)climatealliance.org