Equipping regions and municipalities from Central and Eastern Europe with the tools to enable a just energy transition

CEESEU-DIGIT supports the design and implementation of just sustainable energy plans in Central and Eastern Europe. The primary objectives of this Life project are:

  • to build capacity in six carbon intensive regions empowering them to create holistic regional Energy and Climate Action Plans (ECAPs)
  • to involve marginalized and vulnerable groups, especially energy-poor households in the process
  • to assist municipalities to formulate, fund, and implement their ECAPs

The countries CEESEU-DIGIT focuses on are: Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia.

Within the project, Climate Alliance supports capacity building and policy advocacy activities and introduces partners to novel European financing sources. The CEESEU-DIGIT project continues the work of the CEESEN project (Central Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network), which has already been supporting municipalities from CEE countries to adapt their region to the climate crisis and implement climate-friendly measures since 2016

Project co-funding period: December 2022 – November 2024
Co-funded by the European Union via the LIFE programme

Want to learn more?
Please contact Max Beijneveld at m.beijneveld(at)climatealliance.org or Andrea Carosi at a.carosi(at)climatealliance.org.