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Access to legal aid - Securing basic rights

Attacks on indigenous communities, illegal logging, mining or the extraction of oil and natural gas in indigenous territories: unfortunately, such things are part of everyday life in Amazonia. These infringements both destroy the livelihoods of the inhabitants and contribute to climate change. For our indigenous partners, obtaining collective property rights for their traditionally managed territories is thus a key concern. A legally guaranteed territory forms the basis of their existence ans subsistance so that they may continue to use the rainforest as sustainably as they always have. In doing so, they make an important contribution to the conservation of biodiversity in tropical rainforests and at the same time put a halt to the additional CO2-emissions that would have otherwise arisen from the misuse of their territories for logging or slash-and-burn agriculture in the form of extensive cattle farming or the cultivation of soy.

Indigenous peoples often struggle to find legal aid to restrict these infringements or bring violations of their rights before court. The fund helps cover attorney fees and litigation costs. The fund's use has already resulted in the acquittal of several indigenous representatives who had been sued by mining companies. The fund also finances meetings to educate indigenous communities about their rights.

The significance of a legal aid fund becomes clear if one considers how often on the spot support is needed. The expansion of the fund is extremely important in order to provide an immediate response to the many urgent requests.

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