Funds for Amazonia

Through their Climate Alliance membership, municipalities contribute to climate justice and set an example for the protection of the rainforests and the indigenous peoples that call them their home. In addition to direct support for COICA, the umbrella association of the indigenous organisations of the Amazon Basin, Climate Alliance has set up two permanent funds to that allow the network to respond to individual requests by indigenous peoples.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the Amazon Basin, it threatens the lives and the future of indigenous peoples and traditional forest communities, the Guardians of the Forest.  These populations are disproportionately vulnerable to contracting the illness due to the persistent lack of access to equal and adequate public services, such as housing and health care, and the consequences of centuries of colonization and racism.

For that reason, Climate Alliance partnered up with other organisations to set up the Amazon Emergency Fund, to support rapid response grants for urgent and immediate prevention and care, food and medical supplies, emergency communications and evacuation, protection and security for forest guardians, food sovereignty and community resilience. Every contribution is welcome, 100% of each donation will go directly to indigenous and forest communities and organizations facing COVID-19 in the Amazon rainforest.


Permanent funds

Energy fund

Since 2019

Renewable energies for the Amazon region - supporting COICA's energy strategy


Legal aid fund


Access to legal assistance - ensuring basic rights