Coalitions at the EU level

Climate Alliance is joining forces with several advocacy groups in order to give its members a common voice at EU level. Within these partnerships, the network is influencing the political framework for increased action on climate and energy issues.

European Community Power Coalition

Promoting people's ownership of renewable energy

The Community Power Coalition brings together a diverse network of like-minded organisations who share a common goal of promoting the development of citizen and community ownership of energy in the urgent transformation towards a 100% renewable energy system. Climate Alliance joined the Coalition as municipalities play a crucial role in this development as supporters, co-investors and pacemakers. Learn more

The Coalition for Energy Savings

Making energy efficiency and energy savings a priority

The Coalition promotes energy efficiency as a driving force for a sustainable transformation process. It unites businesses, local authorities, energy agencies and civil society organisations and therefore represents a centre of expertise. As a member, Climate Alliance helps to ensure that energy efficiency is a political priority at EU level. Learn more

SDG Watch Europe

Holding governments to account for the implementation of the SDGs

SDG Watch Europe is an alliance of organisations from development, environment, social, human rights and other sectors aiming to hold governments to account for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). As a member, Climate Alliance helps ensure that the EU level works to facilitate the localisation of the SDGs. Learn more