Strengthen your local authority with POWER

The EU project POWER deals primarily with the topic water, but also all other environmental topics can be taken up with the POWER Community Platform by your city or municipality. For the German POWER Follower City Hanau the POWER platform was adapted to the topics climate change and heat in the city.

In the new brochure the POWER Community Platforms of the cities of Jerusalem, Leicester, Milton Keynes and Sabadell are presented to you. It informs you about how your municipality can become POWER Follower City and how you can adapt the POWER Community Platform to your own local needs. You will get to know the exchange and networking possibilities within the framework of the POWER database and the socio-political initiative "ConCensus" to mobilise joint action in a municipality. You will also learn how to use a city blueprint and a capacity analysis to identify needs and opportunities for action.

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