FSC responds to accusations against timber company

Decision underlines FSC’s credibility and ability to act

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has revoked its recognition of Austria’s Schweighofer timber company, barring the group from using the FSC seal. Romanian authorities, the WWF, and numerous NGOs including the Focus on Ecocenter, a Climate Alliance partner organisation, have accused the company in Romania of using timber from illegal sources and of organised crime. As of May 2016, Schweighofer was no longer authorised to issue new FSC certificates. In February 2017, the FSC withdrew its certificate for the company, one of the largest wood processors in Europe.

Climate Alliance welcomes the FSC’s decision as it demonstrates the organisation’s ability to act as well as its credibility. Wood certification according to the FSC criteria thus remains the only internationally recognised, credible seal for wood from sustainable forestry. Climate Alliance’s founding Manifesto, dating back to 1990, states “wood from tropical rainforests must …be neither imported nor utilised in any way”. Seven years later, Climate Alliance adopted a resolution recognising the 10 Principles of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as an acceptable basis for certification. Climate Alliance advocates avoiding the use tropical wood and using FSC certified wood whenever possible

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