European policy

Conveying key messages

Local authorities are key actors in shaping climate and energy policies and in building a sustainable energy future for Europe. The Climate Alliance European Secretariat, via its Brussels Office, carries out EU policy work and advocates the important role of local governments in climate and energy policy in cooperation with a strong network of allies.

  • We represent member interests, conveying their messages to European Institutions in meetings with policy makers as well as in European Commission, European Parliament, European Council and Committee of the Regions events.
  • Climate Alliance pushes for local authorities to be given a stronger in climate and energy policy while advocating for ambitious climate policy on the EU level. We influence EU decisions via our follow-ups on EU policies, participation in relevant consultation processes as well as the publication of position papers and policy recommendations. In so doing, we collaborate often with other local authority networks to amplify our voice.
  • Climate Alliance keeps members up to date with the latest on key policy debates as well as European financing opportunities for local climate and energy projects, disseminating information on programmes and calls for proposals. We also campaign for improved funding opportunities for local climate and energy projects, raising awareness about local needs among European decision makers.

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