Sirpa Hertell

Member of the Commission for Environment, Climate change and Energy, European Committee of the Regions | Councillor in the Espoo City Council

"Cities and regions act to constantly address the ongoing climate emergency. They are in the frontline not only in experiencing climate change's impacts but also in responding to the climate change that is taking place right now. The Committee of the Regions calls for integrated, inclusive local goals and targets; and the implementation of climate action in line with the principle of multi-level governance."

Sirpa Hertell is a member of the Espoo City Council in Finland. Espoo is a frontrunner city in the implemation of the Sustainable Development Goals via innovative solutions and for this, was awarded the 2019 Energy Globe World Award in 2019. Hertell is also member of the Commission for Environment, Climate change and Energy (ENVE) at the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and rapporteur of the CoR opinions on climate adaptation, single-use plastics and recently on "Sustainable Europe by 2030: Follow-up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ecological transition and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change".

The political work of the CoR consists in intervening at several stages of the EU law-making process. CoR commissions draft opinions on EU legislative proposals and members gather in plenary to vote and adopt those opinions. The CoR also works closely with national, regional and local authorities, making their voices heard and fostering political debate, not only in Brussels, but also in EU regions and cities, outside Europe and online.