Climate Alliance event | 02.10.2019 | Graz, Austria

Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region

From user perspectives to policy definition

Air pollution and high emissions resulting from the transport sector are a major issue in the Alpine Space area. In an attempt to remain below EU thresholds for pollutant concentrations, several low carbon mobility options have been introduced. Yet, the private car remains the main transport mode. In this transnational workshop we will address the clearly identified need of promoting the use of sustainable transport options and its key success factor, the user behaviour.

Mobility practitioners will discuss with behavioural change experts and representatives of best practice municipalities on how we can encourage the public to change and how policy making can gain a better understanding of the user perspective.

The workshop is part of the EU project SaMBA, in which Climate Alliance is involved, and is funded by the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. The event is organised in conjunction with the CIVITAS Forum 2019.

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