Climate Alliance event | 14.11.2016 | Marrakech, Morocco

Second Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders

Palmeraie Conference Center and the Palmeraie Gold Palace

This Summit, for which Climate Alliance is a member of the steering committee, built on the success of the first Climate Summit of Local Leaders held in Paris last year, where local elected officials raised their voices got their perspectives taken into account within official COP21 negotiations. This year's summit gathered 1,100 participants from 114 countries, representing over 780 local and subnational governments.

COP22 is a first step towards both the implementation and financing of the Paris Agreement. The Marrakech Summit focussed on political, technical and financial solutions implemented by subnationals to finance climate compatible local projects within the Global Climate Action Agenda's multi-party action. The Summit, as part of the Global Climate Action Agenda, wass supported by Ms Laurence Tubiana (France) and Ms Hakima El Haite (Morocco).

In the words of COP Ambassador Andreas Wolter

Deputy Mayor of Cologne (DE) and COP22 Ambassador Andreas Wolter spoke on behalf of Climate Alliance, underlining the importance of cooperation on the Paris Agreement:

“New partnerships are needed if we are to successfully implement the Paris Agreement. This implies strong collaboration between all levels of government and different actors but also, in particular, increased collaboration with financial institutions. Further resources are needed in particular for creating capacities to develop local projects and to make them ‘investment ready’. Even in a rich country like Germany, even in a wealthy country like Germany the challenges, for example in implementing sustainable transport solutions, are massive.

Cities and regions are doing already a lot, but more is needed as most climate action eventually has to happen on the ground... This places a great responsibility on cities and regions. We need to be innovative, decisive and accelerate our action."

The summit culminated with the release of the Marrakech Roadmap for Action, which was presented to “Champions” of the Global Climate Action Agenda, Ms Hakima El Haité and Ms Laurence Tubiana, who strive to coordinate the voluntary actions of non-Party actors, including local and subnational governments. 

To help address gaps in the distribution of financial resources, the Marrakech Roadmap for Action will launch two key initiatives:

  • In 2017, the Global Campaign for Localising Climate Finance
  • In 2020, a Global Action Framework for Localising Climate Finance

Further information | Final roadmap for Action