Climate Alliance event | 07.12.2018 | Katowice, Poland

Local Climate Action – The Practices Behind the Numbers

In the framework of the UN Climate Change Conference | 11:30 – 13:00 | Bieszczady (Official side event, accreditation required)

Sub-national governments are essential to help turn climate action pledges into concrete action, supporting implementation and raising the ambition levels of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Cities and regions around the world are leading the way, through the identification and implementation of innovative practices. To accelerate change and meet the Paris Agreement goals, local efforts need to be further supported and resourced.

This side-event will bring together climate experts and political leaders to discuss how “Locally and Regionally Determined Contributions” could be fully recognised and integrated into global processes.

Looking beyond the numbers, several tools and methods will be presented and will demonstrate the diversity of approaches already being taken.

Agenda  |  PDF

Introduction & Moderation: Andy Deacon, Policy Coordinator, Climate Alliance

1.    CONNECTING THE LOCAL TO THE GLOBAL – the importance of a multi-level dialogue for involving subnational governments in the global climate governance regime | Andrew Cooper, Member of the European Committee of the Regions, member of Kirklees Council (United Kingdom)


a.    Luxembourgish National Government leading the way - focus on the Climate Pact | Lis Cloos, Pacte Climate Pact Coordinator, myenergy (Luxembourg)

b.    The Covenant of Mayors Japan as an instrument for maximising synergies between the international climate pledges and the national climate policy framework | Noriko Sugiyama, Associate Professor, Nagoya University (Japan) and member of the Japanese Covenant of Mayors Office

c.    Engaging the local community – lessons learned from different regions of the world | Clémentine Laratte, Technical Advisor Climate and Territories, GERES, France

3.    RECOGNISING THE DIVERISTY IN PRACTICES – Climate Alliance’s approach for supporting local authorities and the potential for further recognition of their efforts in the NDCs | Miguel Morcillo, Project Manager at Climate Alliance, member of the European Covenant of Mayors Office

4.    DISCUSSION – Recognising & supporting local contributions – what are we missing?

Guiding questions:
a.    What is the situation across the world?
b.    What are the key challenges? (data, mobilization, others)
c.    What is the role of civil society to support those processes?