Climate Alliance event | 20.09 - 23.09.2017 | Essen, Germany

International Climate Alliance Conference

Transforming our municipalities ‒ From goals to action

Reducing CO2 emissions is not enough. A drastic shift in the way we use resources, shape policy and relate to one another is in order if we are to tackle the climate challenge. The transformation we need to see in our regions, cities and towns is not something that just happens though – it is a process that we need to make happen. Local authorities are central to this task. On a daily basis, they face questions such as how to gain inspiration for the change needed, how to promote integrated and coherent approaches, how to finance these transitions and how to monitor progress.   

This year’s International Climate Alliance Conference, hosted by the Region of North Rhine Westphalia and the City of Essen, takes place in Europe’s 2017 Green Capital, a ‘city in transformation’. Highlighting examples of successful municipal transformations supported by strong partnerships, effective tools, and the right financing, this 2017 conference will engage participants via workshops, special in-situ sessions and ample space for exchange and input.

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