Climate Alliance event | 24.05.2018 | Brussels

Fighting Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe

Promoting an Equal, Open and Inclusive Society

Poverty, accompanied by social division, is a key challenge in our societies. Ever-intensifying consumption habits and expanding economies only exacerbates the situation. This symposium, featuring Climate Alliance Coordinator Andy Deacon as one of several exciting keynote speakers, will review policy actions taken against poverty in the EU. Delegates will have an opportunity to analyse the first developments of the European Pillar of Social Rights and reflect on everyone’s role in contributing to it and other similar initiatives.

Participants will have the chance to

  • Examine the European legislation and initiatives aiming to fight poverty
  • Assess good practice and review lessons learned from local initiatives
  • Reflect on the challenges of social inclusion and consider possible solutions on different levels
  • Discuss the role of the public and private sector in the fight against poverty
  • Analyse the pros and cons of minimum wages
  • Gain insights into national and local policies to improve the quality of life
  • Learn about Social Business benefits and opportunities
  • Identify the vulnerable groups exposed to the risks of poverty and the ways to support them
  • Debate the best ways of cooperation between international social stakeholders

Early bird registration is available through 13 April and includes a 20% discount off the standard delegate rates. Join the discussion!