Climate Emergency

Climate Alliance event | 12.09.2019 | Webinar

Climate Emergency – A member exchange on declaring and beyond

10:00 to 12:00

Worldwide, cities and towns are declaring a climate emergency and increasing numbers of Climate Alliance members are joining the movement. Many see climate emergency declarations as a way to signal to their citizens that they are taking the climate challenge seriously while also using them to engage their own municipal administrations in solutions-oriented thinking on climate change.

The challenges that surround the declaration of a climate emergency range from the naming of the issue (do we call it a climate emergency or would we reach a wider consensus if we avoided “e-word”?) all the way to governance post adoption (how exactly do we make climate a priority in all future decisions?).

In this webinar, municipalities that have already declared shared their experiences and participants discussed the potential of such declarations as well as the challenges from their ratification through to their implementation, leaving with inspiration for the path ahead!

The webinar was conducted in English. Informal support for German-speaking participants was provided.

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