Sustainable Energy Investment Forums (SEI Forums)

Boosting large-scale investment in energy efficiency at the national level

Via Sustainable Energy Investment Forums (SEI Forums), Climate Alliance is helping support investment momentum for energy efficiency in the EU. Current levels of investment in sustainable energy are not enough to meet the EU's climate and energy goals for 2020 and 2030. The use of private finance is becoming increasingly important to deliver the required investments in energy efficiency and small-scale renewables. This is particularly the case for buildings and in businesses. The aim of SEI Forums is to boost large-scale investment and financing for energy efficiency at the national level.

To this end, a series of public events across the EU will showcase best practice in developing sustainable energy investment projects and programmes. The events will promote much needed dialogue between public authorities, the financial sector and other key stakeholders involved in delivering sustainable energy investments.

SEI Forums is also setting up national roundtables of public and private experts with influence over sustainable energy finance in their countries.  These roundtables will be the basis for long-term cooperation and provide roadmaps to improve access to sustainable energy finance in each of the programmes' target countries. They will create a platform for proposing changes to policy and regulatory frameworks.

Project funding period: June 2016 – January 2024
via Horizon 2020

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