Increasing capacities in cities for innovative financing in energy efficiency

The main goal of CITYnvest, coordinated by Climate Alliance, is to support and replicate innovative financing models for energy efficiency in buildings, such as energy performance contracting, cooperative models and revolving funds. The project sees the implementation of new business models in three pilot regions in Belgium (Province of Liège), Bulgaria (Rhodope) and Spain (Murcia).

A large-scale capacity-building programme will be carried out in ten EU Member States (IT, ES, BG, BE, LT, LV, RO, HU, AT, FR) along with the development of long-term roadmaps, based on national contexts.

CITYnvest provides practical step-by-step guidance for local and regional authorities on implementing long-term financing solutions. It will disseminate these currently still under-utilized financing models and enable project bundling by mobilising the entire value chain and decision makers in city departments, ESCOs and the financial sector.

Project funding period: February 2015 – January 2018
via Horizon 2020 (EU)

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