Climate Emergency

Worldwide, cities and towns are declaring a climate emergency

Public pressure on national governments to make climate a priority is building. By declaring a climate emergency, you can strengthen this push and send a strong signal locally.

Most Climate Emergency Declarations call for zero carbon by 2030. As individual municipalities cannot achieve zero carbon without other cities and levels of government joining the effort, some have chosen to simply commit to local action compatible with IPCC recommendations for keeping warming under 1.5°C. We encourage members that declare to aim for as much ambition as possible and, at the least, make climate a priority in every future local level decision.

Join the over 500 other local governments across the globe by passing your own local resolution! Feel free to use and adapt our template as needed and stay tuned for updates.

Climate Emergency template (doc)  |  Climate Emergency template (pdf)

Messages from Climate Alliance First Movers

City of Oxford (UK)

Resolution as passed 28 January 2019

"Declaring a climate emergency is both a diagnosis of a problem and a sign of its seriousness. That’s why Oxford was one of the first cities to declare a climate emergency. We wanted to signal to our citizens our intent to tackle this global problem at a local level while adding to the nationwide push for political action on the basis of grassroots campaigning. Responding to this challenge must be inclusive, and we’ll host the country’s first Citizens Assembly on the issue in September."
- Councillor Tom Hayes, Oxford City Council’s Cabinet Member for a Zero Carbon Oxford

City of Basel (CH)

Resolution as passed 20 February 2019

"On 20 February 2019, the Basel parliament adopted a resolution declaring a climate emergency with broad political support. The effects on the climate as well as on ecological, social and economic sustainability must now be taken into account in political dealings. The resolution gives climate change a very high priority in Basel."
- Matthias Nabholz, Head of the Department for Environment and Energy Basel-Stadt

City of Constance (DE)

Resolution as passed 2 May 2019

"By declaring a climate emergency, the City of Constance is sending a signal and becoming a driving force: A signal especially to the youth of Constance who are very concerned about the climate that the topic has arrived at the city hall. It is also a push to greatly accelerate climate protection efforts. But we are also saying: climate is a topic not only for local politicians and administrations – everyone must contribute."
- Uli Burchardt, Mayor of the City of Constance

City of Kiel (DE)

Resolution as passed 16 May 2019 (pdf)

"Kiel has been a climate protection city for many years. But we must and we want to become even more ambitious and implement measures from our  ‘Master Plan for 100% Climate Protection’ even earlier so that we can achieve climate neutrality well before 2050. If everyone works together, we can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees."
- Ulf Kämpfer, Mayor of the City of Kiel

*Please note that Climate Alliance does not advocate offsetting and compensation schemes to reach emergency targets, as these can be used to promote business as usual paired with a reliance on technological fixes and intransparent maths instead of concrete emissions reductions at their source. See the Climate Alliance Resolution on Compensation (April 2008)