Project support

Teamwork for a better world - direct support

Through their Climate Alliance membership, municipalities contribute to climate justice and set an example for the protection of the rainforests and the indigenous peoples that call them their home. In addition to direct support for COICA, the umbrella association of the indigenous organisations of the Amazon Basin, Climate Alliance has set up two funds to that allow the network to respond to individual requests by indigenous peoples. The resources members provide for the implementation of small projects in the Amazon region complement financial support via these funds.

More sustainable resource use, the strengthening of indigenous organisations and the protection of indigenous rights – the impacts of this project support is broad and works in a variety of ways.




Selected Projects

Energy fund

Since 2019

Renewable energies for the Amazon region - supporting COICA's energy strategy


Solar lamps

Since 2004

Using sunrays – sustainable light sources for indigenous communities


Legal aid fund


Access to legal assistance - ensuring basic rights


Project Green

1994 – 2015

100 green images for Amazonia - supporting indigenous communities through art