Campaigns and more

Engaging residents and municpal administrations

Climate Alliance cities and towns are always looking for ways to get their municipal administrations and their residents involved in climate action. The European Secretariat provides a variety of ready-made campaigns, awareness raising materials, events, awards and other opportunities to support these efforts.

Below you will find select campaigns and awards of the Climate Alliance Secretariat as well as of the German National Coordination Office, as these national campaigns often form the basis for international campaigns down the road.  Further campaigns and awards by members themselves as well as of other National Coordination offices can be found directly on their respective websites.

Current campaigns and awards

German-French Energy Transition Week

A competition of ideas

Raising awareness on the importance of cross-border action towards the energy transition...



Cycling for a better climate

Getting local politicians and the public on their bicycles for climate-friendly mobility… 


A good life is simple

Why wait when I can shape my city?

Leading a more sustainable and fulfilled lives in (over)developed Europe can be simple… 


Green Footprints

Kids on the move for climate action

Helping children learn about the influences of their actions on the climate… 


Climate Star

Award for successful local authorities in Climate Alliance

Recognising excellent municipal activities from all over Europe… 


We are all witnesses

Exhibitions on climate justice

Firsthand experiences of climate change, land grabbing and resource extraction... 


Grupo Sal

A glimpse of indigenous realties through art

Medleys that reflect on what we can learn from indigenous peoples...





Past campaigns and awards

Transition Tours

Change your city

Showcasing local initiatives on sufficiency, circular economies and sustainable lifestyles… 


GPP Awards

The best in green public procurement

Honouring green public procurement initiatives…